How to register an agent?

Visit the JILIAsia official website domain name ( and click to register.

How to develop customers?

Step1:Visit the JILIAsia official website domain name (

to log in to your registered agent account → click My .

                                       Step2 Click "Promote Exclusive Web Domain" to copy the promotion

                                       link or take a screenshot of the QR code to your downline to register and

                                       open an account.

                                         TOP You can send your proxy link to various social media without any restrictions, such                                             as  [Facebook group and circle of friends. Viber group, Telegram group, and Youtube for                                               video promotion] 
                                         You can get a group of customers without spending any money~

How to get commission?

The agent commission is automatically distributed after the subordinate members bet the game payout.

You can click "Promote Profit Sharing" → to view the system distribution record.

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