Jili Agency Commission Rank
rank Agent ID Daily commission income Settle or not
  • w**2 100201.00Usd
  • r**1 100196.00Usd
  • y**9 100195.00Usd
  • 4 h**8 100191.00Usd
  • 5 m**8 100190.00Usd
  • 6 d**5 100188.00Usd
  • 7 c**9 100187.00Usd
  • 8 w**7 100176.00Usd
  • 9 w**0 100174.00Usd
  • 10 w**9 100173.00Usd
  • 11 s**8 100171.00Usd
  • 12 x**4 100167.00Usd
  • 13 f**8 100165.00Usd
  • 14 h**9 100159.00Usd
  • 15 l**8 100154.00Usd
  • 16 z**8 100153.00Usd
  • 17 y**0 100151.00Usd
  • 18 l**1 100149.00Usd
  • 19 s**5 100148.00Usd
  • 20 l**6 100146.00Usd
  • 21 j**3 100144.00Usd
  • 22 z**6 100142.00Usd
  • 23 t**2 100137.00Usd
  • 24 c**7 100134.00Usd
  • 25 s**4 100131.00Usd
  • 26 l**1 100129.00Usd
  • 27 y**8 100127.00Usd
  • 28 x**9 100126.00Usd
  • 29 b**4 100122.00Usd
  • 30 c**4 100120.00Usd
  • 31 t**8 100119.00Usd
  • 32 a**0 100116.00Usd
  • 33 w**9 100114.00Usd
  • 34 f**3 100108.00Usd
  • 35 z**8 100107.00Usd
  • 36 h**0 100105.00Usd
  • 37 y**8 100101.00Usd
  • 38 L**9 100100.00Usd
  • 39 h**1 100096.00Usd
  • 40 l**9 100094.00Usd
  • 41 f**1 100091.00Usd
  • 42 g**u 100089.00Usd
  • 43 j**3 100088.00Usd
  • 44 j**1 100085.00Usd
  • 45 l**l 100084.00Usd
  • 46 m**9 100080.00Usd
  • 47 p**9 100079.00Usd
  • 48 h**4 100076.00Usd
  • 49 x**8 100071.00Usd
  • 50 x**i 100070.00Usd
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(About Us) recruitment agent


Headquartered in the business district of downtown Manila, JILI Entertainment City is incorporated in the Philippines and holds a legal license for local government licenses. All games we launch must undergo rigorous review and monitoring by the Philippine Gaming Council, as well as through Macau and The GLI laboratory verification by the three-party impartial verification unit must provide customers with a credit guarantee and a fair and safe game environment as well as a refreshing visual sensory experience.

what is a proxy?
The agent is equivalent to being the boss by yourself, without any threshold, without any capital investment, cooperation without any investment risk, without any turnover and limit on the number of bets, the lower-level login bets, the rebates and commissions can be collected the next day, no turnover, unconditional Withdraw money at any time, Loyalty 【JILIAsia.com】 allows you to make money all the time, allows you to cooperate with customers who are interested and have certain resources on the Internet, and promotes or introduces friends around you to become your offline members through the Internet, only to create the most advantage for you , the most direct profit return model, you can earn and unconditionally withdraw commissions anytime and anywhere without leaving your home.
Simple customer acquisition
We provide you with separate recommendations and functions. You can directly send your exclusive link through Facebook, tiktok, Viber, Youtube and other social software to send dynamic messages or videos, or send your exclusive link in various social APP groups , as long as the members who pass through your exclusive link are considered your downline. The promotion method is simple and convenient, and there are various promotion channels.

Agency Commission + Salary

Five advantages of agency

1: The agency commission bonus is up to 55%

2: An extra 300 per head fee is awarded!

3: 2% rebate on the opening of the agent line for sports e-sports (other 0.2%)

Four: Introduce the agency activities: (The agent pulls the agent and gives the other party a commission of 4%~8%)

Working with JILIAsia to earn millions per month is not a dream, you are sincerely invited to join us!
It is easy to get members + agents. Be your own boss from here!
  • ~ Zero cost, zero risk, high return ~

    Become a JILIAsia game agent without paying any fees, you can start unlimited income, no matter you have network resources or network resources, whether you are at home or on a business trip, you can easily make big money anytime, anywhere.

  • ~ Double income No matter whether offline customers win or lose, you have stable income ~

    To become an agent, as long as you have contacts or the intention of offline promotion and development, you only need a simple operation, it will not take up too much time, and you can wait for the benefits.

  • Convenient recharge, fast withdrawal~

    Our company adopts the most convenient Gcash DepositPaymaya DepositOnline Banking,to escort your recharge and cash withdrawal. 

  • ~ commission + salary ~

    1: The agent dividend is as high as 55%
    2: An additional 300 pictures for the head fee
    3: 2% (other 0.2%) rebates for the opening of the agent line sports e-sports
    4: The agent introduces the agent activity (the introducer gets 4%-8% of the dividend of the introduced person) diagram
    5: Agency guaranteed salary map

  • Make money no matter how you play, a variety of advantages make you irresistible

    We now provide all the ways to play in mainstream casinos across the country, such as: 300+ slot machines supported by Solaire and Okada, legal online Bingo, and the most popular Sabong, you only need to have an account in JILIAsia, you can easily complete recharge, bet, payout , withdrawal, and other entertainment process.

  • ~ Register to get 18pesos bonus ~

    Sign up to get 18Pesos, and the maximum single withdrawal is 50 million yuan! Extremely fast deposit, online customer service, Telegram customer service is on call 24 hours a day to serve you, quickly guide recharge, and inquire. The payment adopts the most advanced automatic payment system in the industry, and it arrives in 1~2 minutes. More than 1,365,273 members have participated in the application!

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